Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When is Enough Enough ?

How many of us think we haven't or we are not doing enough in our own lives?
I have a busy schedule, and so many things are going on in my life. But for some reason,
I think whatever I do was never enough. I recall many times saying or thinking to myself
"you aren’t doing enough",
when in fact I was and I am probably still doing more than I need to in life.
So if I do so much and I am so tired and burnt out, why do I feel like I don't have much to show nor have I reached the goals I have set for myself ?
I stopped to think and I noticed when people get so overly busy, they are looking for answers, hope, time and excuses to a way out in what they are doing. Not truly working towards their own personal goals. We become to Busy with others problems, others goals, others successes that we get distracted from their own goals, to Busy to not see a decline in your own mental,finical, physical and relationships health. We get involved in everything that comes our way, but we aren’t finding time to better ourselves, just a bunch of work, stress and burdens. And I believe it’s because we are chasing things that are not for us and that don't help us move forward. Its easy for us to do the same thing day in and day out no matter how much we dislike it because it's not as scary as the unknown.
WOW I think that makes a lot of sense but why would you or I not want to invest in our own goals or success. Could it be are creatures of habit?
Are we becoming our own stumbling blocks?
have we become OK moving along in life as blind mice because that's what everyone else is doing. When does the habit of wanting to better our life come in and replace the the habit of being complacent in being average or working below our own potential.


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