Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'M BACK !!!!!!!!!!!

It seems like i havn't been on my blog in forever, So much has happened and changed in my life and most importantly in me.

 Where do i start ? 
Well since my last pos i have become a proud father of an amazing lil person named
Elias Kane Rivera.
Elias has changed me in so many ways, My son has shown me how to truly a man.

I have changed my work enviorment and have been blessed to have become an owner of my own location.
its a chanllenge but it has shown me my strenghs and really put my talents to work.

Life has really brought me thru my tough times and trials, in exchange has givin me a true sence of peace in my life.

 I have built stronger freindships with many real people with good hearts  and I also have severed freindships with the negative people that were stealing my energy and drive.

Life can guide you at times in to places you may not know or feel comfertable in,
 but I have come to see that universe is funny like that.

I'm glad to be back and to let my heart and soul speak my mind.

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  1. Awesome!

    Life definitely has its ways of bringing about change. The blessings outweigh the loss of those persons and things one once thought were essential to whom one was. Much love and respect to you always.

    Infinite blessings and best regards,