Friday, April 23, 2010

When is enough, enough ?

When can a man stop and say enough is enough, when he finally gets out of his own way and feelings to see the truth no matter how painful it truly is.

How can a man release his harbored anger, aggression and defeat in the presence of love ?

When can we put to bed our toxic pasts, that did nothing but lead us down dead end streets and at times almost take our lives ?


We endure hardships, pain and suffer unneeded for our loves.
we stay stuck in places we don't like, all in the name of loyalty.
we don't move forward for fear of being something other then what we are at this moment.

I for one Have opened my eyes, I am saying enough is enough it's my time.
With my hard work in hand i will now eat from the fruits, that my sweat and time have made grow instead of enjoying the view from afar.

I will no longer stand in the way of myself covered in armor of doubt uncertainty and fear i will step out and face my success head on as a warrior.

I will love with open arms and not a guarded heart.

I will no longer willingly poison my body with foods , drinks , smokes that i know are slowly killing me and robbing me of the time i have set aside for my future.
I will no longer sit idly as my body proportions grow due to my inactivity.

I will no longer let opportunities fall thru my hands like sand in a blowing wind, lost to never be found.

I must make my self the best man that i can be in every way, no matter the cost because if your not a good man in heart, body , mind and soul you cant be the best friend, father, brother, husband, teacher or leader.
all these things are necessary tools to fend off the negative forces in the world that looks to cut you at the knees and watch you and everything you hold dear crumble.

I will protect my family like a shield, warm them as the sun , give forth knowledge as a teacher, love them like a father and be their for them as thier very own breath.

I will welcome my son in to this world as a king cause that's what he deserves, may he step on my stones of dedication to something more then i could ever even dream for myself.

Today i stop being my own enemy for you my Son.

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