Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tattoos Body Art or Body Destruction

So Yesterday I spent three and a half hours adding to my existing tattoo and getting that much closer to obtaining my sleeve.
I sat there watching the progress as my tattoo artist worked away, got me thinking about body art and the idea of tattoos and how people feel about them as a whole.
Our bodies, and the way we see them, are changing. medical technology has gradually been getting us accustomed to the idea that the body is something we shouldn't fear tinkering with. This, in turn, almost certainly has an effect on the way modern society views tattoos and body art. In the eyes of some traditional-minded individuals, tattooing and piercing are wrong because they betray the anatomical design granted to us by the Creator / God / whom or whatever else they choose to follow. Despite the obvious problems with utilizing this belief as an argument against body art and modification like ummm (makeup, braces, fake nails, fake breast, Brazilian but lifts ETC…) mothers, grandmothers, and conservative religious zealot's everywhere love to utilize it as a justification for their disdain for body art. Rather than making even the slightest attempt to understand why people love adoring themselves so, the whole concept is immediately dismissed as wrong by an outdated, closed-minded vision of the human body as a finished product. But this view is slowly changing as I look around and see that just about every form of body art can be found just about everywhere.

The reasons we acquire body art are quite varied, ranging from simple fulfill
ment of aesthetic reasons to reminding one of a lost family member to rebellion against standards of appearance. What remains the same in each case, however, is that the art provides a vehicle through which to improve our lives. Because the effects of body art are so personal and unique to the bearer, people who have no body art may have a hard time accepting that tattoos have any value whatsoever. To them tattoos are a waste of time, money, and allegedly good skin. destruction


Some tattoos remind me of what’s important in life,to wake every morning and see the tattoos that I have chosen to wear on my body, reinforcing the mindset that led me to the choice in the first place everyday is not only a constant reminder but also a sobering view to what makes me who I am . I also feel I have a visual living depiction of the paths I have taken in my life and the places I have been, every tattoo is inked with memories(a map of my life lived ).
Then off course there is my love of art and my need for visual pleasures daily.
I walk with a gallery on my sleeve no pun intended. lol

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