Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Do you Appreciate the person you are, or the people you truly love.

Their interests their quirks their likes and dislikes ?

Today I started to think about my life and the people who have made an impact upon my life. The more I think the more I realize how each on of them is so unique and special in there own way almost like a snow flake where there is similarities but none are exactly a like. I try to embrace there abnormalities ( and I mean that in a good way ) because that's what makes them who they are, defects and imperfections included.

But then I began to think do the people that say they love me
Appreciate me ?

Appreciate me for my ways and my character or are they just hanging on for the ride because its the right thing to do.
The feeling I feel when I feel accepted an appreciated is un measurable. The way a friend accepts you for you are with out a change. The way a husband and wife enjoy the experiences brought from the character of one another. The acceptance and admiration from a child's eyes as they gaze upon his parents.

That what I want, that feeling because it brings me peace and trust in my heart

I don't ask for much
Just to be appreciated for the man that I am imperfections , interests and all my experiences.

I also think that we don't appreciate the small moments that make our life memorable
And make life worth living

It's not the items you collect, nor the fiances you can acquire not the years you accumulate in your life, It's the memories you cherish and the memories you leave for the ones you love
Appreciate the time the air the life you have and the people you have in it because in a blink of an eye it can all be gone.

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